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These are truly incredible times to not only be a learner but an educator as well. The access to information we have is unlike anything we’ve experienced before. And the tools we have to create a learning environment where all students can succeed are ever increasing.

While these are incredible times, it can also be daunting as an educator to look at this ever-changing, technology landscape and feel unprepared. Using the ISTE Standards for Educators as a guide, it is important for students to have educators who create learning environments that allow them to innovate, invent, and create in ways that are only possible through the use of technology.

Educators must also be prepared to continuously refine their craft, and always seek out the current pedagogical trends, tools, and resources to create learning environments students need and deserve.

Being a Tech-Savvy Educator doesn’t have to be either daunting or complex. It doesn’t mean completely changing our practices or abandoning what already works. It means incorporating technology to supplement sound pedagogical practices already in place.

There are six areas of development every Tech-Savvy Educator needs to focus on:

  • Collaboration with Students
  • Collaboration with Colleagues
  • Innovative Communications
  • Effective Productivity
  • Reflection
  • Formative Assessment

Making improvements through the use of technology in each of these areas can reap huge returns on student learning and understanding and make the overall job of teaching easier, better, and more innovative.

Steven Anderson (@web20classroom) and Shaelynn Farnsworth (@shfarnsworth) invite you on this 8-week journey to better understand yourself as an educator, to reimagine the "classroom" as one suited for contemporary students, and to gain an introduction to the many technology tools you can use to become a more Tech-Savvy Eduacator!

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